Top 5 Myths About The Music Industry

Sep 10, 2017 by

If you are involved in the entertainment business, then you have probably heard of a few Chinese tales. The following is a list of some of the major myths about the music business.

1. People In The Music Business Will Help You Out Of The Goodness Of Your Hearts.


The music business is called the music business for a reason. It is a business that only gives the circumstance of selling music. Businesses are in business to make money. They are not in the business of making art, however they will sell it. You can find a handful of good Samaritans willing to help for free, but generally speaking if helping does not benefit the other party, they will not help.

2. Since The Economic Downturn People Are Not Buying More Music


People are buying music, but they are not buying it in the same way as before. CD sales may be down, but selling individual tracks is up! If you are still an unbeliever just check the iTunes sales records. Apparently, Apple has sold 10 billion and counting!

3. Music Superstars Have And Are Making Tons Of Money.

This is one of the biggest myths in the entertainment business. When you see a Sean Kingston or Lady Gaga on TV you may think you are living the good life but in reality the amount of money he / she brings home is really dependent on the terms of your contractual obligations as well your money management skills. Simply put, if you spend more than you earn you are bound to go bankrupt, sooner or later.

You Need More? The List Is Endless.

The fact of the matter is that all these artists have seen the ups and downs of the music industry. Micheal Jackson, the “King of Pop”, although he had his money problems. No “superstar” is exempt. You need good money management skills in order to maintain a “superstar” lifestyle.

4. You Can Become A Night Celebrity In The Music Business.

This is one of the most common myths about the music business. People believe that you can sign a recording contract and then suddenly you are magically on magazine covers and receive Grammy awards. All this talk is silly. At the end of the day, it takes a good amount of leg work, dedication, passion, perseverance, and strong networking relationships to achieve “success” in the music business. NOBODY HAS BECOME A NIGHT WITH SUCCESS However, some people have achieved their goals faster than others. Artists like Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and Eminem spent years developing their reputation and brands to become the people they are today. This is why working smarter and not harder is essential in the music business.

5. Triumph Work Ethic Talent

In today’s music business, talent continues to count but ethical counts work for more. A person of extraordinary talent with average work ethic generally will not do so as someone with an extraordinary work ethic and talent of the average.

A strong work ethic, more often than not, means that it can be constant which is of paramount importance in the music business. If you need more fans and likes on the world’s biggest talent network, check out our awesome Musically follower app.

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Some Tips To Hire Security Services

Sep 9, 2017 by

Administrative Criteria

It is decisive to evaluate in the administrative part of the company the following aspects:

Financial stability, because depending on it provides security to the work of protection against the levels of latent risk that surrounds the economic activity of companies.

Organizational Balance, why it is necessary to maintain an equivalence between the size of the company to be protected and the size of the security company.

Insurance coverage, because this is the way to apply the best measures and safety schemes, the risk is permanent and you can never get the optimum of zero claims for which there must be protection for contracting companies from coverage of claims through the offer of an insurance policy that offers sufficient support.

Coverage, because security has no boundaries and the security company’s ability to react should be timely on the site and at the time the client requires it.

Reliability, because the security schemes implemented require a discreet and unostentatious management in order to discourage the elements that generate risk.

An administrative analysis should include financial, tax and insurance.

Require the presentation of documents such as the comparative financial statements of the last two years, certification and opinion to the financial statements, certification of payment of parafiscal contributions of the last six months. A financial analysis that should provide indicators of liquidity and indebtedness that are stable enough that allow the organization to assume in the indicated time the commitments acquired with its customers, suppliers and employees during the development of the contract. Likewise, the watch companies must accredit minimum amounts of patrimony that are demanded by the Superintendency of Surveillance and Private Security.

Finally, a single guarantee policy must be required for the contract to cover its compliance, payment of fines and other sanctions imposed, payment of salaries, social benefits and labor indemnities. In addition, the company must have a non-contractual civil liability policy that covers the misuse of firearms.

When the service modality includes the use of canine means, the company must present an additional policy of extracontractual civil liability that covers the potential damages and damages that can generate an abnormal behavior of the dog.

Operational Criteria

Evaluate the following aspects from the operational point of view before making any investment investment decisions:

Capacity and robustness of the Operations Department and the capacity of the managers that integrate it in terms of: training, experience, knowledge, professionalism, reaction capacity, etc.

Adaptability to the permanent change of security schemes and concepts, with open-minded staff and permanent training and retraining processes.

Equipment to give operational response to the previously designed schemes and generate a confidence in the efficiency. This equipment must have the following characteristics: latest technology, adaptability to the particular needs of the client and impeccable maintenance.

Selection and training of operational personnel governed by professionalism, permanent training, development of a high sense of belonging, proactive behavior, integral development of the self and fair remuneration.

Quality Certification

Companies that are certified with quality standards, for example ISO 9001, assure a complete orientation towards the processes of customer service, fundamental aspect to provide a service of excellence according to the expectations of each client. Demand a certified company ensures the provision of an agile and efficient service based on a process management and a continuous improvement scheme according to constant measurements of customer satisfaction.

Quality Of Supervision

As a fundamental part of any security strategy, supervision must be made up of a motorized group owned by the company. The Fast Guard Security Services providing the best service & in U.S.A, it should essentially be affiliated with the support network of the National Police.

Both supervision schemes work together and ensure timely reaction to any type of eventuality that may arise during the provision of the service.

Added Values

– Reports of operations and claims.

– Diagnosis of risk assessment

– Investigation and monitoring of illicit activities

– Training of clients in security matters

– Consultancy and advice on risk prevention

– Ability to cover any special event

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Why You Need Commercial Lawyers Parramatta

Sep 8, 2017 by

Before explaining commercial lawyer, it is important to understand what is commercial transaction and commercial law. As the named suggest commercial that means:

  • Involvement of two or more parties
  • Getting into a contract
  • For something in return (remuneration)

In order to ensure the lawful implementation of such transaction and takes care of rights, responsibilities and conduct of the parties. The person who is qualified attorneys specializes in commercial law also known as business law or corporate law.

They Are Involved In The Following Transactions:

  • Drafting business documents and ensures the paperwork as per the legal requirement.
  • Proofreading all the documents concluding deals
  • Represent himself as a company before the court in case of trial
  • Ensuring the application of laws applicable on the organization’s industry as a whole.
  • Involve in Negotiations with external stakeholders.
  • Timely Filing government reports.
  • Guiding the top-level management on regulatory and compliance matters.
  • Depending upon the type of organization the duties of commercial lawyers Paramatta will vary.

Which Way To Go

  • A commercial lawyer has two options to choose from:
  • Do you like writing, arguing and want to think for a while to find out ways to resolve a problem?
  • Or wish to think of answers to the questions that were asked in the morning?
  • Then litigation is the right choice for you.

However, if you like working on business related matter and think about business in the business hours then you can take the corporate Jobs or be an in-house Lawyer.

For being a litigator the beginning years are full of struggle and hardship as you have to proof yourself on every case you handle. Initially you are hired by firm one has to work as assistant. The quality of law school you have graduated from really matters. Law review and judicial clerkships really matters.

The in-house lawyers are just concerned about legal and transactional needs of a particular organization. Every department in an organization has legal responsibility and the in-house lawyer takes care of it.

For example, for acquiring labor services and material supply whether its hourly or at fixed price, delivery acceptance, price, payment , retention of title etc. time and material contract is required to be signed and legally stamped. This is ensured by the commercial lawyer. Who takes care of all the formalities and paperwork involved? The commercial lawyer plays several roles on a company.

A company being an artificial person independent of shareholders has its own rights and liabilities. The higher management is there to earn profits and appoint an in-house lawyer that ensures the viability of documents and other legal requirements

Dispute Resolution:

Hence the commercial lawyer acts as a financial lawyer, corporate lawyer, dispute resolution lawyer etc. The law of different countries differs and parties to contract might come from different jurisdiction and hence they might apply different approaches. In that sense, the commercial lawyer should be familiar with the laws of different countries to serve the organization. Another aspect that should be taken care of is the amendments. Every judgement by the court not parallel to current law is an amendment the court issues notification and once approved from higher authority becomes law hence; the commercial lawyer should keep himself up to date.


Depending upon nature and size of business there may be more than one commercial lawyer or may be a firm is appointed as commercial lawyer. Commercial lawyer gains good grounds in commercial law and develop business acumen, get business exposure and how company makes decisions. While working in-house and then later can step into litigations and other law firms.

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The Real Scoop On Real Estate

Sep 7, 2017 by

They say marriage, death, and moving are the three most stressful events in someone’s life, and not necessarily in that order. Moving is not just stressful, but almost impossible to do by yourself while working and keeping yourself functional. Finding a real estate agent, or a broker, is truly the secret to finding a good place to live. But if you are looking for reputable firm with a long list of satisfied customers then is definitely a good choice for you and your home buying and selling process. With them you can get this job done professionally and with full expertise.

The Benefits Of Real Estate Assistance

The beauty of a real estate agent, or a broker, is that they know how to navigate the real estate waters better than you do. They can help you figure out your budget, know exactly which neighborhoods have what you want in a home in your price range, and compile a list of five to look at in a fraction of the time that it would take you. While it can get expensive to hire a broker or a realtor, it saves you valuable time and reduces your chances of embarking on a wild goose chase.

Realtors usually only get paid if they make a sale, so it is fair to be a little wary of them. But you can make their motivation work for you! They want you to find a house almost as badly as you want to find a house, so make sure you are clear with your “home must haves,” because they will work hard to get you into a home you love.

How To Get Started

Find A Realtor

There are many ways to find a realtor you love. Use sites that allow you to search for agents around where you want to live. A basic web search will provide you with plenty of sites that are incredibly helpful in finding a realtor.

Compile A List Of Questions

We know finding a home can be stressful, but remember that it should be worth it. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. You should brainstorm all the questions you can think of. It is better to ask too many questions then to wind up with a house you are not happy with. Feel free to use the internet to find common questions to ask realtors if you find yourself at a loss. 

Just to Be Safe 

Some realtors ask you to be pre-approved by your bank if you are looking for a home. If possible, gets the letter from your bank stating that you are pre-approved or pre-qualified. This will show your realtor that you are serious, which will yield you better results.

This is the new fashion and trend in the real estate industry. With the help of the internet, it would be easier for buyers, sellers and real estate agents to contact. In nutshell, one cannot forget to contact the online real estate service when plan to new house.

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Top 5 Important Tips To Remember When Shipping From China To Australia

Sep 6, 2017 by

If you are looking for assistance with your freight China to Australia needs, this article will be of great help. Nowadays, many businesses import from China. From gadgets, furniture, and home decors to clothes, shoes, and accessories, products from China are popular worldwide. This is because their products are affordable and wide-ranging.

For newbies, shipping products from China to Australia is not an easy task. The process can be a bit complicated. You have to consider a lot of things such as delivery costs, taxes, long transit times, and delays. To help you get started, here is a simple guide about freight China to Australia. This guide will surely make the process a lot easier. You can use these tips to make exporting products from China more efficient.

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind For Freight from China to Australia:

Know What Your Import Rights Are:

As an importer, you have the option to choose between the many shipping service providers worldwide. These companies will help you with all your shipping needs. Whether you want the package to be delivered in your front door or at their nearest office branch, they can help. But before you decide on all these, you also have to know the import rights implemented in Australia.

Check The Products You Wish To Import

If you are planning to sell products from China, be sure to check the products carefully. If you chose the wrong products or it is defective, it means you cannot sell it and you will not earn from it. You can check the product details, return policies, and buyer reviews for your convenience. This way, you will have a better idea about the product’s descriptive literature as well as product composition details.

Know Which Products Can And Cannot Be Imported

Before ordering, know whether the products you wish to buy can or cannot be imported to your country. These rules may also vary depending on whether the products you are ordering are for personal or business purposes. Also, each country has a list of various prohibited products. Remember that violating rules and restrictions can cost you fines or penalties.

Calculate The Costs

It is important to check the freight costs, especially if you are using the product for your business. Pay close attention to the product price of your supplier, freight costs from China to Australia, and even the tax and custom clearance fees. These factors could all affect the total amount you need to pay for your order.

Choose A Reliable Supplier

There are a lot of suppliers from China that can deliver products to your country. Selecting who will be the best among these wide options can be a challenge. Therefore, be sure to check the terms of the supplier before ordering. You can also review their feedback and return policies to make the choice easier. With these tips, deciding about freight China to Australia will be a lot convenient. Follow each suggestion and do a lot of research to get the benefits from importing products from China.

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