Cleaning In The Food Processing Industry 

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The Specificity Of Factory Cleaning

This winter, Quake Cleaning was contacted as commercial cleaning contractors

 for a one-and-a-half-month replacement of a cleaning employee at an agri-food plant near Perth. After a first visit to the site, it was clear that cleaning up this section requires a certain amount of knowledge, but also specific equipment and products.

Indeed, with nearly 500 m² of surface area to be cleaned every day, in the evening at the end of production, and with a maximum of 2 hours, we had to find the best compromise to respect this deadline.

Every evening, we found the same state of fouling of the factory. This one running at full capacity all day long, there was not a day when we noticed an unusual cleanliness, and it’s to the credit of the client company, which has to produce for almost all of Australia, every day!

How To Clean The Factory?

As a result, we immediately set up a compact scrubber-drier. Why compact? Because the factory had a lot of machines, so it was necessary to have a small enough material to pass everywhere!

But first of all, the surface had to be cleaned of all the daily residues (in this case dough, glucose or various foodstuffs). And in a factory, the sweeping is done with high pressure and a brush!

After the massive pieces have been collected, one agent takes care of the high pressure (projecting a solution of water + food detergent), while the other brushes the floor as it goes along, to direct the waste to the sewers.

Afterwards, one of the agents passes the scrubber-drier to the floor, always with a suitable water + food detergent solution, while the other one takes care of the careful brushing of the stainless steel mouths, and the various finishes.

It was a tiring but original job, and we were delighted to find, at the end of the service, a sparkling factory, free of all its residues!

Specific Equipment For Specific Cleaning

Regarding protective equipment, we use:

An integral, disposable gown for food contact

High boots, also for food contact

An indispensable charlotte, and disposable gloves

So for a month and a half, it was the same ritual! At the end of our replacement, we were satisfied to have had a great experience, it was indeed the first time, from our cleaning company, that we had dealt with such a request!

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