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About the OMEGA Deco Concrete Overlayment System.

Probably, you’ve already seen our products and thought it was paving stones, bricks or some other type of expensive tile. The truth is that many people are turning to concrete overlayment as a solution. The reason: it’s cost-effective, easy and beautiful. You can find out more through

Some contractors may be using other types of overlaying materials, generally these product are a combination of Portland cement and off-the-shelf epoxy mixed on-site, usually a dash here and dash there. The problem with this method is twofold: 1) consistency of the material over large areas; and 2) formulation of the ingredients, some elements do not mix well and may not weather as well as they should.

Omega Decorative Concrete Supply is the originator of stamped overlay material, and the leader in formulating and manufacturing the Omega Deco™ product line. The following will explain the Omega Deco system and what you may expext as a customer.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Here’s how it works…


We will prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly using degreasing, acid-etching and other basic cleaning techniques (we will patch and smooth any cracks or uneven areas).

A bond-coat is applied using the OMEGA Deco overlayment mix. This bond-coat will prepare the surface for the actual overlayment material, creating a super-adherence between the old surface and the new overlay.


The specially formulated OMEGA Deco Overlay Mix (the mix is pre-colored) is applied as a 3/8″ layer over the bond-coat. We have found that 3/8″ is the correct thickness to achieve a long-lasting overlay and provides the proper thickness for stamping patterns. The overlayment must set for a certain period of time based on climate and current weather conditions.


Once the new overlay is set properly, your applicator will begin to place the pattern mats in a row across the job, matching-up the precision OMEGA Deco patterns. After the first row is placed, follow up with the impact tool occurs to seat the mats creating the desired pattern effect. This is repeated throughout the area you are overlaying. With the new overlay pattern completed, you then apply our clear sealer (optional) to protect and bring out the beauty of the pattern.

A Job well done!

As you can see, the process is easy as 1-2-3 and the result is a beautiful driveway in less time of replacement, and at much less the cost for the same area using paving stone or other material.


We thought you’d never ask. OMEGA Deco offers the widest selection and finest quality of mat stamps available today. Our overlayment material is the best solution for decorative application, so we wanted the best stamp patterns to bring out the beauty of our product.

Go to the OMEGA Deco Pattern Selection Guide for more details.

Your key to a beautifully matched job every time is selecting the right color. The 1 -2-3 System has been designed to help you keep it simple.

Go to the OMEGA Deco Color Chart for more information and color selection.

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