Lowes Carpet Cleaner Rental Prices

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Most homes have carpets in almost all the rooms. Flood restoration Melbourne While vacuuming is a good way to keep these carpets clean, there will be the occasional need to wash the carpet and get rid of stains. For many people, buying a carpet cleaner is a bad investment because they will not use it often enough to justify the price. In such situations, going with a rental is smart. There are a couple of stores that have rentals available and the Lowes carpet cleaner rental is the best.

Lowes rents out the Big Green, by Bissell, for $24.99 for a 24 hour rental with attachments for an additional $3.00. Lowes also sells an advanced formula for $22.99 to $29.99 to maximize the cleaners ability to remove carpet stains. The size of the machine allows it to generate a good amount of power and its big water tank means that changing the tank will occur after a good portion of your cleaning is done. This not only saves time but also makes the job less stressful. As for ease of use, the cleaner is easy to use. It works in the same way as a vacuum cleaner but requires a bit more physical exertion to move the machine.

A Lowes carpet cleaner rental also guarantees that you’ll get a cleaner that serves as a wet vac. This means that it has the ability to vacuum wet surfaces. This is especially useful after the cleaning with the formula is done and you need to speed up the drying process. You can simply vacuum over the area you have cleaned and the carpet cleaner will suck up the water. If this is done, you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning without fear of damage or re-staining and while some moisture may be reserved, the carpet will be completely dry in as little as an hour. Before cleaning, check a small area first to ensure that the color does not run. If your carpet is made of wool, secure its edges down or it may shrink upon getting wet.
The cleaning of furniture that can be carried should be done outside if at all possible. The hand attachment over sprays and can get water other furniture. For effective cleaning, quickly go over an area once then go over it more thoroughly a second time. This will provide the best results. Due to its ability to hold a large amount of water, the cleaner available at Lowes will allow you to go over almost every area of your house before having to change the water and go over each area more thoroughly. With a good price and a great carpet cleaner, a Lowes carpet cleaner rental guarantees that you get better deal than you would at other places with generic, cumbersome cleaners that do little more than steam your carpet.

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