A Great day in an Interior Designer’s Life

Mar 1, 2017 by

Around 8:00 am I received a call from the trucking company. Last week they had lost one out of 6 boxes delivered to me with a shipment of Light Fixtures ordered for a Dentist Office I am completing. I had notified my customer and asked if they wanted to take possession of what Office Carpets Pty Ltd I had so far until I knew more information but I didn’t get a reply. I had already placed a couple of phones calls trying to find out where the box was and if it had been lost, how to place a claim so I could get a replacement. The trucking company’s Manager tells me the last box has been found and nicely offers to bring it to me personally. Great customer service, I love it! Within the hour he was delivering it to me. What a great start.

Before I headed out for my first appointment, I checked my email and I get one from a client letting me know that yesterday she had received the drapery order she placed with me “only” 2 weeks ago! I was thrilled and so was she. She had hoped to get them installed before the end of the month and since I know better, I had told her that I didn’t think it was going to happen. Usually workrooms take 4-6 weeks to complete an order, but hers was done so quickly that before I had a chance to get an UPS tracking number, she receives the drapes. Needless to say, we scheduled the installation right away. I love it when everything works out.

While on the road, the architect in charge of the Dentist Office coincidentally calls me to check on the light fixtures since he had the electrician on site finishing up before tomorrow’s inspection. I was able to notify him that I had, in fact, received the last box and that I could now bring them over. He had the electrician call me and we set up the time for me to bring the boxes.

So my first appointment today was at my Plumbing Supplier. I had to place an order for all the products needed for the Bathroom renovation I am currently working on. Yesterday I had asked the girl who helped me with the quote, to find out the availability of the items to be ordered so she could let me know this morning. She was not only extremely helpful but very knowledgeable about the products, and her prices were much better so I can pass along the savings. Even better, she informs me that the availability of all the Kholer items is about 2 1/2 weeks versus the original 45 days. Joy! I will be able to start demolition sooner than I anticipated.

I head back to load my car with all the boxes and when I get to the site, the electrician tells me that he thinks the chandeliers chosen are too long. Immediately I start worrying and second guessing myself. He measures and as I originally calculated, the drop was just perfect. I should know by now that I do take into consideration almost every single detail and not to panic right away. As a friend of mine told me once, or twice, don’t Hispanic Panic .

In days like today I feel unstoppable. I can’t help but feeling such great energy and it fuels me to continue doing what I love, Interior Design. I wish there were more days like today.

I will be posting pictures when the Dentist Office is fully completed and the draperies are installed. I will also be blogging the progress of the Master Bedroom Renovation from demolition to completion including pictures. Keep checking in and thanks for reading 🙂

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