Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Dating

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According to a survey conducted by the pollster Livra in 2012, 20% of people believe that the Web is the best place to meet people and find a partner. From that date until now, the number of singles seeking love online has experienced a surprising increase. If you have not yet been encouraged to venture into this new experience, in this note we tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of looking for a partner on the Internet.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Dating

The Positive

You can be sure that the person you choose to talk to is not going to respond that you are not looking for anyone and prefer to be alone. In dating sites, everyone is looking for the same thing: love. With regard to blind dates that can be programmed by marriage agencies or our friends, the advantage is that you can know something about the person before seeing her face to face. Through the chat it is possible to go deep into your personality and thus avoid a dinner with someone with whom there is no chemistry. Definitely, facing and starting a conversation is much simpler than in person. Also, if they are not compatible, cutting the conversation is less painful than turning around and going in front of the rest of the bar or disco. Some dating sites allow you to keep certain personal information (phone, address, work place). One can choose when to reveal it and to whom. This way you can communicate with whoever you want without this person invading your privacy or start harassing you.

In dating sites it is not badly seen that a man or a woman converses with several single women at a time. It means that you can keep your range of options open without being judged. In fact, one of the main reasons to go to these places is the lack of time. With just a few clicks and from the comfort of your home you can meet thousands of singles.

According to the Livra survey, 40% of respondents do not find any disadvantages.

The Negative

One of the disadvantages is that the photos and profile information of a person can be false and only when meeting in person can you discover the lie. It is easier to cheat when you are not looking the other in the eye. Some point out that chatting does not really guarantee that there will be chemistry with the other person. It can be very funny and witty when writing, but boring and cumbersome during a face-to-face conversation. Another problem with online relationships is that they create the false sense of knowing the other. Many people, after chatting and having exchanged emails and photos, believe they are in a relationship and sometimes it is not. They may have a fairly clear picture of who the other is, but it is not good to take it for granted if they have not seen each other.

It can even lead to a pathology: obsession with chat. This means that the person no longer wants to meet anyone in the traditional way and almost does not leave his house. It is best to seek a balance between the two ways of interacting to enhance your chances of finding love. Some opponents of this system say that it violates privacy. While it is possible to hide certain data, enough information is given so that someone with skill and determination can find us and start harassing us. For many, making appointments with people who are known only by chat is dangerous. Many women have faced dangerous situations. The solution is to warn where you are going and with whom, in addition to setting the meeting in a public place. Another potential risk is to find you with fraudsters who decide to ask you for money or blackmail you. It usually depends on whether or not they fall into these traps. If your virtual partner asks you for money or some compromising photo, think twice before doing so because you may end up trapped in a web of deception.

While top 10 Australian dating sites are free others do not, so be careful about signing up if you do not want to affect your economy. In addition, there are some that are not very clear as to their tariffs or that they then force you to pay for certain services not included. Like all activities, online dating has its pros and cons. The important thing is to know how to avoid the negatives and to bear fruit to the positive. In this case it is all about being cautious and not creating false illusions. The network has thousands of advantages for those who want to find their half-orange and do not waste it just for the bad. If you have not yet taken sides for or against, we invite you to put what we have told you about the advantages and disadvantages of finding a partner online.

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