What Is Solo Ad?

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Anyone who has dealt with affiliate marketing, surely heard about solo ads. But if you are not such a case, in a nutshell we can tell you that: solo ads is an email based advertising that you buy from other address database owners . They are most often sent in the form of dedicated messages – so all this email is dedicated to promoting your brand.

It works like this: you find the database you are interested in solo ads. You are either contacting the owner of the site or you can access it through its website. You pay for the number of subscribers to whom your message will be directed or the number of clicks your email will receive.

If all goes well, subscribers will click and their clicks will give you a high conversion rate. In the final summary, solo ads conversion will be cheaper than other types of advertising. All this sounds beautiful. The truth is that the opinions about solo ads are rather mixed. Many companies stick to this type of advertising from afar.

There are, however, marketers who claim that the success of their business is due solely to the solo ads and that it was thanks to them that everything started to spin. It is therefore worth taking the time to at least find out how the ad works in this issue.

Solo Ads – Who Are The Most Effective?

For marketers who have a budget. Do you have several stools at your disposal? It’s enough to try solo ads on a basic level.

If you operate in a niche where pay per click advertising prices are extremely high. In this case, the cost of clicking on solitaire ads can be much lower than the price offered by AdWords or Bing, so it’s a good idea to test these first.

If you work in an industry that is completely content-based (for example, in affiliate marketing or dietitians).

If you are in an industry where there is a fierce fight for search engine traffic.

If you are one step away from releasing a product or if you need a quick redirect to your website. And you do not have time to write a guest post, gather a group of recipients, or do anything that can only be seen after a long time.

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