How to purchase the right pool filter?

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Pool filter is very important for any swimming pool. There are three main types of pool filters that you can find in the market. All these three main types of pool filters have got their own advantages and disadvantages and you will need to check out the pool filters to ensure that the pool filter suits your requirements and needs and also the budget as well. There are various guide about buying pool filters. This article will take a look at how to purchase the best pool filters.


How To Purchase The Right Pool Filter?

There are three main types of pool filters available in the market and these three types of pool filters are: Sand, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and cartridge. Let’s take a look at the each individual pool filter advantages and the disadvantages as well to check which one will fit according to your needs and requirements.

Sand filters: If you are looking to spend less due to strict budget and also you cannot spend the required amount of time to maintain the swimming pool, then you should definitely opt for the sand filters. This type of pool filter is a large sized tank that is filled with the pool filter sand, i.e. #20 silica sand and this is about .45 to .55 mm in size. The swimming pool water is filtered through the sand filter bed and this is inside the tank and as the water passes through the sand filter, it will filter out any contaminated particle from the swimming pool water and filtering out the clean water to your swimming pool. The sign of backwash appears, when the particles from the contaminated water build up inside the tank and pressure is created due to blockage. And this will be indicated by the pressure gauge. The water flow is then reversed on a multi port valve. The average price of this filter is about $650 for the in ground sand filtering. For the ground sand filter, it is about $250 only. It last for 5-7 years and it is very easy to maintain. However, due to high pressure, it is less efficient.

Cartridge filter: this is another type of pool filter which is energy efficient and also cost effective as well. A cartridge filter is housed inside the tank through which the swimming pool water passes through. They also have got large surface area. It also has less resistance and it performs great with slow speed. There is also no backwashing as well. It will also require less cleaning. The average price of the in ground cartridge filter is about $850, while the ground filter; it costs about $450 only. You will need to deep clean the filter once or twice per year.

DE filters: DE filters use fossilized exoskeleton in the powder form inside the tank. Although they do perform similar to sand, they perform much better and more efficiently. However, they are very expensive. The average price for the in ground filter is about $850, without the installation cost. It also has high maintenance cost as well.

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