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I moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago and immediately began to work as a professional dog sitter. The job has not only been lucrative, but it has also been highly rewarding on a personal level. My dog sitting Melbourne service time has really taught me a lot about dogs. I have gathered a lot of experience when it comes to dog interactions and behaviour and I am going to share my experiences with you today.

Every Room Is The Best Room As Long As Everyone Is There

In my time as a sitter l have been put in charge of hundreds of dogs. In all that time, I have realised that with time, you develop a dog sense that makes the entire dogs want to be around you. If you accidentally knock on my door you will be greeted by me and my collection of dogs behind me. During sitting, the dogs tend to get attached and follow me to every corner of the house. When I do settle in a room, the entire gang settles in as well.

Without Audience Dogs Love To Sleep

In my time as a sitter l have realised that dogs tend to be more active and involved when they have a human audience before them. On occasion l realised that whenever l left the dogs in my backyard to stretch out, they would just end up falling asleep until they were tired and wanted to get back into the house where l was.

It Is Better Eating Alone In The Comfort Of Your Car

Have you ever tried eating around a bunch of dogs? It’s almost impossible. Half the time, you will be busy yelling sit or some other commands. When not shouting, the quite sad eyes will be haunting every movement your hand makes. For dog lovers like me, it’s too hard to eat with such eyes gazing at you. As such, l have learnt that it is better to eat in a private place far from my dogs.

Dogs Will Always Want To Sleep On Your Pillows

Dogs can be funny when it comes to sleeping arrangements. At this point, they take that man’s best friend thing to a whole other level. I honestly cannot count the number of times that I’ve come to find a dog on top of my bed sleeping on my pillow. As if they haven’t seen you, they continue sleeping almost like they are telling you to find some other pillow and bed. With time, l have learnt to have a backup pillow just in case both are hijacked by these friends.

They Will Hold It Just To Come Pee In Your Living Room

Only God knows the number of times l have yelled at some of the dogs I have been in charge of for peeing in the house. Especially the little one. These small breads will go on walks with you for hours without peeing once and then just end up peeing at your place when you get back. It’s annoyingly funny why they do this.

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