Some Tips To Hire Security Services

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Administrative Criteria

It is decisive to evaluate in the administrative part of the company the following aspects:

Financial stability, because depending on it provides security to the work of protection against the levels of latent risk that surrounds the economic activity of companies.

Organizational Balance, why it is necessary to maintain an equivalence between the size of the company to be protected and the size of the security company.

Insurance coverage, because this is the way to apply the best measures and safety schemes, the risk is permanent and you can never get the optimum of zero claims for which there must be protection for contracting companies from coverage of claims through the offer of an insurance policy that offers sufficient support.

Coverage, because security has no boundaries and the security company’s ability to react should be timely on the site and at the time the client requires it.

Reliability, because the security schemes implemented require a discreet and unostentatious management in order to discourage the elements that generate risk.

An administrative analysis should include financial, tax and insurance.

Require the presentation of documents such as the comparative financial statements of the last two years, certification and opinion to the financial statements, certification of payment of parafiscal contributions of the last six months. A financial analysis that should provide indicators of liquidity and indebtedness that are stable enough that allow the organization to assume in the indicated time the commitments acquired with its customers, suppliers and employees during the development of the contract. Likewise, the watch companies must accredit minimum amounts of patrimony that are demanded by the Superintendency of Surveillance and Private Security.

Finally, a single guarantee policy must be required for the contract to cover its compliance, payment of fines and other sanctions imposed, payment of salaries, social benefits and labor indemnities. In addition, the company must have a non-contractual civil liability policy that covers the misuse of firearms.

When the service modality includes the use of canine means, the company must present an additional policy of extracontractual civil liability that covers the potential damages and damages that can generate an abnormal behavior of the dog.

Operational Criteria

Evaluate the following aspects from the operational point of view before making any investment investment decisions:

Capacity and robustness of the Operations Department and the capacity of the managers that integrate it in terms of: training, experience, knowledge, professionalism, reaction capacity, etc.

Adaptability to the permanent change of security schemes and concepts, with open-minded staff and permanent training and retraining processes.

Equipment to give operational response to the previously designed schemes and generate a confidence in the efficiency. This equipment must have the following characteristics: latest technology, adaptability to the particular needs of the client and impeccable maintenance.

Selection and training of operational personnel governed by professionalism, permanent training, development of a high sense of belonging, proactive behavior, integral development of the self and fair remuneration.

Quality Certification

Companies that are certified with quality standards, for example ISO 9001, assure a complete orientation towards the processes of customer service, fundamental aspect to provide a service of excellence according to the expectations of each client. Demand a certified company ensures the provision of an agile and efficient service based on a process management and a continuous improvement scheme according to constant measurements of customer satisfaction.

Quality Of Supervision

As a fundamental part of any security strategy, supervision must be made up of a motorized group owned by the company. The Fast Guard Security Services providing the best service & in U.S.A, it should essentially be affiliated with the support network of the National Police.

Both supervision schemes work together and ensure timely reaction to any type of eventuality that may arise during the provision of the service.

Added Values

– Reports of operations and claims.

– Diagnosis of risk assessment

– Investigation and monitoring of illicit activities

– Training of clients in security matters

– Consultancy and advice on risk prevention

– Ability to cover any special event

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